Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recommendation: Beta Monkey Drum Loops

While we are on the subject of drum loops I thought I would highlight the acoustic drum loops and samples available from Beta Monkey. I use these myself and think they provide a lot of variety in sound (different kits and styles) as well as tempo. But most important of all, the recording quality is excellent and everything sounds very real and natural.

In my arsenal I have:

Drum Werks Volume 1 - Classic & Hard Rock Grooves
Drum Werks Volume 2 - Rock Tool Box of Grooves
Drum Werks Volume 3 - Blues & Bluesy Rock Grooves
Drum Werks Volume 4 - Versatile Studio Rock & Pop Loops
Double Bass Mania

And the thing I like most about Beta Monkey . . . the drummer always keeps perfect time :-)

Learn more at

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